Bayridge, Newport Beach

Bayridge is located in Newport Beach, Orange County. Bayridge is situated in the East Bluff—Harbor View area of Newport Beach. This is a gated condo community. Bayridge offers affordable prices in the Newport Beach real estate market. The condos in the Bayridge community range in price from 350,000 dollars to 650,000 dollars. The neighborhood amenities include a community pool, spa and care of the gated entrance. The homeowners’ association dues are approximately $300 per month. Residents are very close to the Back Bay Area of Newport Beach. There are a great many outdoor activities available in Back Bay and the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Preserve. Back Bay is a 752 acre nature reserve. There is biking, hiking and walking trails and amazing bird watching at the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Preserve. Bayridge residents are also in close proximity to the Big Canyon and area beaches.